"We do not learn from our experiences;
we learn by reflecting on them.”

John Dewey

Alexis Leaf

Alexis Leaf


Transition to College is dedicated to improving the lives of adult learners through the pursuit of higher education.  


The goal of the program is to offer a comprehensive college prep curriculum to prepare students for the expectations and academic rigor that college requires to be successful.  Students' goals are to develop academic skills in reading, writing, and math in preparation for the Accuplacer Assessment, required at the Community College of Rhode Island.


Transition to College (TTC) started in 2000 with funding from Nellie Mae Education Foundation. The core curriculum is built on a strong foundation of research and effective educational practices.

The comprehensive program design is based on the College Preparatory Model created by NE ABE-College Transition Project at World Education.  Click here for more information about CollegeTransition.org.

In 2007, the RI Department of Adult Education granted RIRAL funding to continue TTC's mission.