"TTC has been a life saver for me. The support and encouragement I have received has literally bridged the gap to a higher level of education."

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What is Transition to College?

Transition to College is an Adult Education Program for students who have graduated from high school and know that college is in their future; they are in need of more intense academic preparation before beginning a college program.                                        

The program is a natural segue for GED, NEDP, and Advanced ESL students prior to entering post-secondary education. It is intended for the serious college student of any age who is returning to school after a period of time and who wants to prepare for college. 

TTC emphasizes college study and survival skills—all the necessary skills for a successful college career.  It provides classroom instruction with a comprehensive review of reading, writing, and math fundamentals in a college-style environment, all in preparation for the Accuplacer Placement Assessment at the Community College of Rhode Island.

As part of TTC, students take classes at the Woonsocket Learning Center, apply to CCRI,  and experience college first hand by enrolling in College Reading (ENGL 0850) at the Flanagan Campus in Lincoln  all for free. Assessment and textbook fees apply.

TTC  students compete the FAFAS (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) to determine eligibility for financial assistance in order to plan for college tuition and expenses.

Upon completion of the Transition to College Program, students are empowered with essential skills--academic, personal, and professional--and are ready for the expectations of college life.


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