“Nothing is more satisfying than watching students discover the power of success.”  

Gylean Trabucchi, former TTC Mentor Coordinator


Mentoring plays a significant role for students, providing guidance, advising, and encouragement during the TTC program.  In a classroom setting, mentoring workshops, which also include such classes as: study skills and note-taking model the concept of mentoring, which promotes an important link between the mentor and the students' success.  

Sharon Pontarelli and Maria P.

Sharon Pontarelli and Maria P.


  • Increases knowledge and understanding of subjects

  • Provides personalized attention, intensive practice, and improves grades

  • Increases knowledge and understanding of subjects at an individual pace

  • Leads to better use of study time and increases motivation to succeed

  • Improves self-esteem and confidence

  • Provides praise, feedback, and encouragement

Crystal N. and Marie Crecca-Romero

Crystal N. and Marie Crecca-Romero

The Value of Volunteering

Many successful people credit one or more persons for making a difference in their lives to help them to achieve their goals.  Volunteers affect the lives of students in so many positive ways. In turn, the volunteer's lives are affected positively, too.  Volunteer mentors and/or tutors: 

  • Expose students to new ideas and ways of thinking.

  • Give advice on developing strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

  • Share experiences and wisdom.

  • Encourage the importance of life long learning.

  • Listen, support, motivate, and empower others.

  • Offers an individualized structured learning experience.

  • Increase academic performance and growth.

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