"TTC is the program you want to do before college. I came to this country knowing no English; after completing TTC, my English improved, and I graduated from the Community College College of Rhode Island three years with a high GPA. . . .  No other program works like TTC. The teacher are the best around hands down, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is willing to work hard. You can be successful not just in college but in life as well."    Nivaldo



Students Responsibilities

Motivation, Responsibility, Self-management,  Self-awareness

  • Commitment  -- Personal, academic, and professional goals.
  • Attendance    -- Attend class regularly; come to class on time, prepared and ready to work.
  • Participation  -- Contribute actively for a positive classroom environment.
  • Persistence    -- Moving steadily toward goals leads to your success.
  • Financial        -- Create a financial plan for college; pay book and assessment fees.