Message from the Director

SUMMER 2018!


Jamestown, RI   Photo by   Aaron Mello   on   Unsplash

Jamestown, RI   Photo by Aaron Mello on Unsplash

For many people in the northern hemisphere, the summer solstice, which took place on June 21, marks the beginning of summer, a time for fun and relaxing in the sun. But, for many, such as our ambitious students, it is a time to take summer classes and attain a few more credits toward their degrees. Many of our TTC graduates take summer classes at the community college and should be applauded for their ambition. It is no small feat to accomplish a full semester in just six weeks when they could be relaxing in the sun at one of Rhode Island's beautiful beaches!

At TTC, a new cohort of students will start their road to a college degree in July when the summer is in full swing. Every Saturday, instead of a day at the beach, they drive to our Learning Center in Woonsocket to begin their college journey. Kudos to them! To me, a day at the beach is a tough thing to give up! However, doing so marks the commitment and dedication our students show as they move forward toward their goals.

If you missed the chance to apply to our July program, don’t worry. Info sessions will start up again in August. You can apply online and will be notified as to when you can learn about our next semester that starts in January.  

Many congratulations to our new TTC graduates!

Happy summer!

Marie Crecca-Romero