Message from the Director

 Happy spring, 2018!

TTC at CCRI 2018.jpg

Finally, we feel the warmth of spring although a bit later than we’d like.  As I look outside, the beautiful yellow daffodils have finally bloomed, such a bright spot in the season of new beginnings. As they lay beneath the soil during the long, cold winter, they always commit to blooming again.

So, what does it mean to commit to something? According to Google, commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. RIRAL TTC is committed to the cause of serving its students who are compelled toward higher education and who need some support to follow their dreams of enrolling in college. In turn, the students who do enroll in the program are committed to getting their college degree and benefit in many ways from the support TTC provides. As they form a cohort of learners who band together to study as part of a group, that commitment grows stronger.  
The benefits of working together towards a common goal are many. Enrolling in college takes not only commitment but the determination to succeed and much hard work. Sometimes students feel overwhelmed, as the academic workload and necessary study time takes hold and competes with family and job responsibilities. This is where the cohort experience is of most importance. As students bond into a community of learners, they motivate, support, and encourage each other’s individual progress and learn the true meaning of commitment, not only to themselves but to the TTC program as well.
Additionally, working together as a group provides a dynamic that sets the stage for the students to not only understand their strengths and weaknesses but also to build upon their knowledge and skills, which encourages them to stay committed to their common goal of that college diploma. As the students move forward, they learn to function in such a way that the rigors of college require... if they stay committed. 
As we move from spring into summer, knowing that another semester will unfold, I congratulate our current graduates and invite new students to learn about RIRAL TTC. As another cohort is established, it will enable them to learn and to study in a supportive and motivating community of learners!
Happy spring and soon to be summer!
Marie Crecca-Romero