Spring 2017

It has been just over one year since we launched our new TTC website. Thank you to the many people who have checked us out to learn what the TTC program offers. Clicking the APPLY BUTTON on the top right corner has made it easy for us to receive your contact information, so we can invite you to attend one of our information sessions. Technology definitely has its benefits!

This past December, we celebrated yet another graduating class and are currently preparing to applaud another group of amazing students this June. It is such an honor to be part of so many students’ lives, as they prepare for and follow their dreams of a getting college education.

Now as we finally feel the warmth of the spring sunshine, we begin to see new life appear all around us, and as I write this blog, spring has rapidly turned to summer with 95 degree temperatures in the air!  The seasonal changes also bring new beginnings for our TTC students; change and a sense of hope happens each time they make the commitment to enroll in the TTC program. By doing so, they create a foundation for success for their personal, academic, and career choice, which is the primary mission of TTC.

As more people learn about our amazing program that supports students’ academic endeavors, more lives will be transformed. It is our belief that higher education is truly the key to a valued and successful career.

Happy spring and summer!

Marie Crecca-Romero