TTC Weekend Graduation Celebration

Scroll down for more pictures!

Scroll down for more pictures!

On May 26, seven students received their Certificates of Completion from the RIRAL Transition to College Program at the Woonsocket Harris Library.  

The students were honored by family and friends who shared in the celebration. Their journey toward a college education began last October, a step that is recognized with great significance, as they completed their first college course at CCRI this past semester. They are on their way to join over 41% of Rhode Islanders with a college education. TTC was their launching point, and now they are ready to move on with improved skills, determination to succeed, and the confidence to reach their goals of attaining a college education.

Mr. Barry O’Connor, Associate Director of Enrollment Services at the CCRI addressed the graduates with a very personal story and advised them to work hard to overcome any obstacles that may come their way and to be happy with all their accomplishments, even playing the song, “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  

The spotlight of the evening came from Nuno Rodrigues, a TTC Alumni, who just completed his third semester at CCRI.  Nuno gave a heartfelt presentation to the graduates of the challenges that life brings and the meaning of adversity in his life. He spoke about reinventing yourself and quoted from Ben Franklin—“out of adversity comes opportunity.”

Sue Gaulin represented Woonsocket’s Mayor, Lisa Baldelli-Hunt, and congratulated the students, as she shared her own hopes and dreams of returning to school.

Awards were give to Gibril Fadia (ABC Poetry Award), Marlenys Peralta (Career Portfolio Award), and Gisel Silva (TTC Book Award.)  The TTC Scholarship was presented to Marlenys Peralta for academic excellence and leadership.  Rev. Ken Boyle, presented Bernardino Morales with the the Candleberry Chapel Scholarship for the student who gained the most confidence during the program.

Congratulations to all the TTC graduates:  Ibrahim Abdelhamid, Jaime Correria, Gibril Fadia, Alexis Leaf, Bernardino Morales-Noriega, Marlenys Peralta, and Gisel Gomes Silva.